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Jubilee House

Jubilee Women's Center

Special Needs

Address: 620 18th Ave E, Seattle, WA
Completion Date: 2008
Program: 27 single room occupancy apartments
Funding Sources: City of Seattle, King County, Capital Campaign
Population Served: Low-income homeless women
Total Budget: $3,900,000
Green Certification: City of Seattle Weatherization Program
Contractor: Buchanan General Contracting Company
Architect: Tonkin Architecture

Jubilee House provides a safe and supportive communal living arrangement with shared kitchen, bath, and living spaces, as well as individual bedrooms for tenants. Many women come to Jubilee physically or emotionally exhausted from living on the streets or from weeks spent in emergency shelters or other crisis programs. Originally constructed in 1959 as a convent for the adjacent St. Joseph Parish, the layout of Jubilee House provides ample kitchen and dining space for large group meals. Fifty-five percent of Jubileeā€™s clients suffer from mental health disabilities while 48% have been victims of domestic violence, and 3% have some type of physical disability.